For over half a century Fashion Inc. has provided products that combine unsurpassed aesthetics with exceptional structural integrity.

Fashion products are manufactured using premium materials to ensure long life durability and low maintenance. With a large selection of pre-fabricated structures as well as custom designed and engineered options, Fashion offers products that fit your needs and your budget.

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With nearly 300,000 sf in manufacturing facilities across the country and a dedicated team of industry experts, Fashion will provide you with the best products & services available. Get a free quote now.
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Download the Fashion Catalog to learn more about our Products and Services.

We also offer custom designed and engineered products made from the same exceptional quality raw materials, but without the added expense. Contact Us to discuss your specific needs at
Toll Free: 800.255.1009

Toll Free: 800.255.1009

Kansas Office: 785.242.8111

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