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Architectural Metal Roofing

Metal is virtually impervious to the elements and its long-lasting, sustainability, and minimal maintenance makes it a perfect roofing solution. Fashion's standing seam panels are custom designed to match your concept with full 'turn up' leg, with with pre-formed ribs, to lock directly onto the panel system for added strength.
Fashion designed systems offer a finished look with no exposed fasteners, uniform and virtually flat pans, concealed clips that allow for thermal movement, and simple installation without the need for special tools.
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Fashion metal roofing systems offer complete flexibility for the architect's specific design conditions. Options include: Fas-Lock™ Standing Seam Panels, Fas-Lock™ Batten Seam Panels, Flush Lock Panels, and more. With 13 roofing selections, and 8 distinct profiles for wall, fascia, and soffit panels, Fashion is your metal roofing solution.
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Fashion's standard architectural finishes are long-lasting fluorocarbons, by Kynar 500®. Custom color matching is available and all finishes are warranted for 20 years.
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Your single source for design, engineering, and production, Fashion saves time and money by offering extensive expertise every step of the process. In-house designers and engineers ensure that costly mistakes are avoided, and that your project is completed on-time and within budget.

Toll Free: 800.255.1009

Kansas Office: 785.242.8111

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